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Paula takes a stand

  This may not be the easiest section to keep up, but I promise to do my best. If you have any news about Paula, please share it.

The one exciting development on the horizon is a huge article on Paula and one of her co-stars from “Eve’s Preyer” appearing in a forthcoming issue of Femme Fatales magazine. (We’ll be looking forward to this one... the publication doesn’t shy away from sex appeal.) I’ll let you know as soon as the issue comes out!

Paula's twin (sigh! Double the pleasure...) takes a stand

April 3, 2000: Look at all the trouble I go through! The "Femme Fatales" folks were kind enough to offer a preview of the great shots in store for us (check out the "Portraits of Paula" section...and control that saliva!). In addition to the article stated above, looks like Paula will be featured in a separate article! Yeee-haaaa!

April 14, 2000: The episode where I discovered Paula (from the television program "Renald Rap's Rambling with Renald Rap") will be rerun on April 24th. (For details, check the link on the "Productions" page.) If you have cable in Manhattan, NYC, or know someone who can tape it for you... well, don't say I didn't warn you!

April 23, 2000: Paula's in a film! I believe it's called "Angel of Madness," and it will be shown in The New York International Independent Film and Video festival, which runs from April 27 to May 4. (My guess is Paula plays the title role!)

July 16, 2000: Hmm! It's been a while since this section has been updated.... it's hard to get Paula news! Anyway.... check out the September issue (I think! It should be the issue after the August issue....) of Femme Fatales magazine for a pin-up of Paula!

August 19, 2000: Hey, I was right! Just noticed it on the stands... it's the September issue of Femme Fatales (a double-issue with "Hammer Vamps" on the cover... women of Hammer Films), and pretty Paula has a fantastic full-page shot, along with a write-up. And look at this! She has her own website, whaddaya know! (It doesn't seem very built up at this point, though!)

October 13, 2000: Holy Mother of Moses! Has it been that long since I've reported an update? Let's face it... as a Jimmy Olsen, I would leave a lot to be desired. However, Paula isn't a household word, so it is hard to get news on her... I wish I could just plaster an article that appeared in "Good Housekeeping," but I can't. Maybe you guys out there can give me a hand... we've had thousands of visitors, and I'm sure some of you have grown to be Paula-lovers as well. If you've ever dreamed of being a muckraker for the National Enquirer, here's your chance! Dig up some scoops on the lovely Ms. LaBaredas, and share and share alike. I figured her official website might fill in some of the void... but the last time I checked, it's been taken off temporarily, still being worked on. In the meantime, although I've avoided spilling the beans on this website's improvement and additions as "news," let me resort to that cheap trick. The "Eve's Preyer" filmmakers were kind enough to share exclusive photos of Paula (I specifically asked for a couple from the scene where she has her shirt off... my favorite!), and I posted them on a new page in the "Portraits" section. Enjoy!

March 23, 2001: Man! Is Femme Fatales the only time I'm ever going to get news about Paula? However, this time, it's worth it. Paula has a good-sized article on her and the movie she has been in, "Eve's Preyer." And, oh my God.... wait until you see her photographs; she looks amazing. Check her out in the March issue of F.F., with Traci Lords on the cover.

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