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Palace of Paula LaBaredas


Let's Talk About Paula! Title


I discovered the lovely Paula LaBaredas on a television comedy-talk show in New York City, where I live. Wow! I couldn't help being mesmerized. Naturally...since I'm a guy... her striking good looks caught my attention. However, let's face it: there are plenty of beautiful women in show business. It was her aura, her effervescence, her wonderful personality that melted my heart.

Beyond her ability to jump out of the screen (which takes a lot of doing; it's easy to build a resistance to media stimuli, constantly bombarded by messages as we are), what struck me was her delicious sense of humor... I found her good-natured and bubbly self very hard to resist. A clip was shown of the film ("Eve's Preyer") she was promoting, and I was delighted to discover she was extremely talented... a powerful actress to boot. Most of all, it was easy to conclude there was something very genuine about this woman; far from being a phony... she was obviously a really kind and good-hearted human being. (Subsequently, I learned her sign is Cancer , and Cancers are known for being caring and loving types. Figures!)

Needless to say, I was hooked.

Paula laughing



(*That is to say, "Palace of Paula LaBaredas"...after all, that is the name of this web site!)

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