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Dear Pernell,

I have attached a beautiful version of Paula for your review...Enjoy! (Needless to say that image was done as a sample and just for you)

I operate a business for models in Miami where I transform photos from their books into artwork that they sell to their fans...Paula certainly fits into that catagory of beauties who should be making extra money selling images...not just a boring headshot...

Perhaps I can be of service to you and Paula?

Best of luck with all you do...

Paul D. Gold

(My Reply)

Dear Paul,

You did quite a nice job, I think! As I went to lengths to say on Paula's site, unfortunately, I don't have direct contact with Paula. I will forward your letter to one of her producers that I'm on speaking terms with (they helped with the materials on the site), and maybe they will forward it to Paula.

In the meantime, perhaps I can feature this image of yours on the site.....or at least have the option to, if I do a new page, and I can credit you. Let me know if that would be okay. If you say that will be fine with you, then I'll let you know when I've gotten around to doing it.

Thank you for your well wishes,