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Usually, when one is delighted by exposure to something new, the good feelings are filed away and it’s time to move on. Paula, however, was just too... potent! I wanted to find out more about her and somehow spread the word that she’s out there... and (in my humble opinion) the world needs to find out about her, too!

I’ve come across these fan sites on the Net, and often wondered what goes through the minds of the people preparing them. I mean... get a life! How dorky is that, devoting yourself to setting up the equivalent of a shrine. Now... hypocritically... I found myself thinking of the same avenue. (I realize I was setting myself up for dorkdom, but I was just being practical; a website is one of the few ways to affordably and effectively let the world in on my discovery of Paula LaBaredas...)

I contacted the producer of the TV show, and he was happy to act as an intermediary. (Don’t think I didn’t consider contacting Paula directly... but it was better this way, as she could have thought I was some kind of a weird stalker . Besides, she may have moved to Los Angeles to further her acting career.) Through them, I got some of the photos for this site, along with other information. I contacted Web sites of other productions she has been in (there is a cartoon of her at the “Eve’s Preyer” site! How great is that? I borrowed it for my site, heh heh heh!), and got more stuff.

Paula in a sexy pose


Admittedly, there’s not a whole lot of stuff around, since Paula hasn’t been in that many films and TV shows yet. (I’m in the Arts, too... it ain’t easy!) As time goes by, however, I wouldn’t be surprised to have more materials than I can handle. I have a little feeling that “La LaBaredas” (check out her theme song, as sung on her TV talk-show appearance!) is going to take the world by storm. She deserves to anyway... and if this website can help, then I’ve done my bit.

(And here's a message for Paula, if you're reading this...if you appreciate my appreciation, please consider being a part of this...maybe we can have a fan page for people to get in touch with you directly! Not to mention, it would be great to get the news from the horse's mouth. Not that I'm calling you a horse , mind you! No, no, I'm sure you get the idea we all consider you to be a rather pretty filly around here...)

So come on in! Relax, and let’s check out the enchanting Paula together. If you also sense she’s got the kind of “It” that Theda Bara could have only dreamed of, you should tell your friends, and do YOUR bit! By any chance, if you’re a producer or director, you should do your production a favor by HIRING her..!* After all... a united force in our divided world could readily be... that is, the one thing we all can agree on may well be... that the world just can’t get enough of Paula LaBaredas!

* I can’t help you contact Paula, because I don’t know how. I’d suggest you get in touch with the sites of her productions, links for which have been provided... or run a search on the Web.

cartoon paula
Here is Paula as an animated character!

I have a special request. One of our visitors complained they could not access the "Portraits" and "Productions" pages, below. I have no trouble getting through to these pages, and neither does the tech folks from the server, Tripod, this site makes its home at.. when I asked them to check things out.
I would greatly appreciate your dropping me a quick line if you are unable to get through to either of these pages... or any page. My e-mail link is at the bottom. Thanks.... Pernell

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