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Palace of Paula LaBaredas


Paula's Productions

  Not all of the TV and movie productions Paula has appeared on have web sites, but here are a few I’ve been able to dig up.  


Paula in 'Grace'

Here's a still from a short independent film entitled "Grace", where Paula plays a victim of a sex crime.



This is a great site! Paula has a big starring role in this provocative independent feature, and there are plenty of references to Ms. LaBaredas, along with stills. She even has her own page, complete with a short bio.






Renald Rap's Rambling Logo

  The comedy TV talk show where I first discovered this pulchritudinous performer! Their site is plenty of fun, although you won't find much about Paula...unless the show she appeared on is spotlighted in their "Next Episode" section.

Hear here the host, Renald Rap, sing the Paula LaBaredas theme song... and Paula's modest reaction.





  Paula has a recurring role in "MAUSAM," an Indian-American soap opera; you won't find much about her on this website, except for the little photograph at the right... recommended only for diehard Paula fans.  

Paula from Mausam


  Paula ponders navigating Palace of Paula

Paula's Productions

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